This is the wage I want to be drawing, this is the food I want to be eating

Reflecting in my life as a Christian I sometimes try to meditate on my accomplishments, which is like beating myself with a wet towel, for I cannot help realizing the my accomplishments amount to nothing, nil, zilch, nada, True Religion Straight Leg rien. And I beat myself in the head realizing how much of my time I waste on trivial things while the whole planet continues to edge closer to self destruction.

As we glamorize the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, as we have turned his sacrifice into a nice little charm which we tend to wear around our neck or to hang on the wall at home. We tend to forget that the place where he was nailed to that cross was a dumpster, a place where people used to bring their waste, a place where the refuse was thrown about, out of sight, to evade the repugnant smell and the unsightly look of rottenness and decay

Oddly enough, the nauseating appeal of the place called Golgotha, True Religion Jackets gives us a mirror image of the spiritual condition of the world today.

And as I look at the world through the eyes of the media, the nauseating smell, and the unsightly appeal makes me cringe in despair, over the realization of my powerlessness to restore the once beautiful paradise which God made for us to live in.

It is ironic that many years ago as a tourist I used to travel to places and be amazed at how beautiful our planet is. Then I had to go back to live in Dominican Republic for three years, where the Lord gave me a clear picture of reality. On the road from the airport to every resort or tourist center in Santo Domingo, the roads are clean, the buildings are elegant and well kept, the stores are well lit and organized, and everything is charming. Then we move out of the main roads into the alleys, and we see poverty and misery and corruption and decay and dirt. And every country as far as my eyes can see is exactly the same.

But what condition each one of those countries I have visited is in, is nothing more than a reflection of their spiritual condition. Dressed in religion and idolatry, they look clean and charming on the outside, but “full of dead bones and filthiness on the inside

And then I look at Jesus’ conversation with his disciples in the place called sychar in Samaria. “Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? True Religion T-shirts I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

And it is this realization which stirs me up, as I walk in this valley of dead bones, and I do not have a prophetic word that would bring them to life. As I look at the streets and the malls and the stores and the bars and the places of corruption packed every Saturday night with souls looking for a way out of their misery, and not realizing that the one who is a source of living water welling to eternal life is waiting at the door, ready to let in everyone who would call on his name.

And I know I can do more, for I am an anointed of the most high, and Jesus’ burden for the souls was bigger than any other burden in his walk through earth, this is the one burden that brought Him to the cross.

Just before he spoke of the harvest He said; “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

And though I make a lot of gimmicks and tricks and illusions which make it look like I am very busy for the Lord, Am I really doing what it counts? For helping the poor and the sick and the widow and the orphans is all important work, but how much value does it have for eternal life? If I feed a hungry person I may be saving his life, but if I do not give him the food I have been fed with, the food that my father gave me through his son Jesus Christ, I am doing him no favor, for tomorrow he will be hungry again.

Jesus said, True Religion Petite “I have food to eat that you know nothing about and this is the food I want to be feeding everyone with, food that restores body and soul, food which renew our thinking and reshape the attitude of our mind, food which takes our spiritual hunger away and gives us a brand new status, a brand new family, a brand new citizenship, and a brand new purpose.

Jesus said “Even now the one who reaps draws a wage and harvests a crop for eternal life, True Religion UK so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together.

This is the wage I want to be drawing, this is the food I want to be eating, and giving to every person I come in contact with, to be doing the will of the one who sent Jesus, and who sent me also, so I can continuously harvest a crop for eternal life. For He gave me a command; “Go and make disciples of all nations”

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