with greater comfort and an even lesser risk of injury

Running is the simplest and most straightforward form of exercise for anyone wanting to break a sweat.

But many are na?ve to the potentially damaging effects of regularly running, MBT Shoes Sale especially with certain techniques and when wearing inappropriate footwear. As a result specialist footwear and insoles have been designed to counteract the specific stresses and strains.

Running injuries

The pain that running can cause the body appears to stem from the various running techniques that people perform, notably when applying pressure from heel to toe. This technique is the most common, but also can be the most damaging.

Planting your heel first and then onto your toes causes your shin muscles to strongly activate in an attempt to keep the front of your foot from slapping down.

The high amount of pressure also leads to excessive stress on deeper shin muscles that act to prevent the rolling of your foot. MBT Womens Shoes Cheap It is that excessive stress on your lower leg muscles that cause shin splints.

Rick Morris, sports journalist for the website Running Planet, explains the causes of many running injuries:

“The heel first technique generates a lot of stress on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Athletes are therefore much more likely to suffer from a variety of running injuries when you use a heel first landing compared to running from your toe to heel or flat footed,” he said.

Best foot forward

The move to re design trainers began in the late 1950s when two Americans, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, started working together.

Knight, a business major at the University of Oregon and a keen athlete was unhappy with the types of running shoes that were available. As a result, he joined forces with his coach Bowerman, who was later head coach of the U.S track and field team at the 1972 Olympic Games, to solve this problem.

Together they designed and marketed what were first known as Tiger Shoes. Their defining characteristic was a cushion heel wedge designed by Bowerman.

The company, originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, soon became known as Nike and ultimately became the most successful sports shoe and apparel company in the world.

The cushioned heel was designed to provide greater comfort and stability for runners and, such was its impact, it has changed the way people now run.
Prior to the release of this revolutionary footwear range, it was always natural for athletes to run from their toe to their heel. MBT Mens Shoes Cheap This technique actually allows athletes to run faster, but was also the cause of regular calf muscle, Achilles tendon, and shin splint problems.

The cushioned heel design enabled athletes to alter their technique and run from their heel to their toe, which is more comfortable for many and also minimises the stress on calf muscles and the Achilles tendon.

Barefoot running

Having moved from running toe to heel to heel to toe technology has come full circle. MBT Sandals Shoes Women The Vibram Five Fingers trainers designed by Robert Fliri recreate the experience and natural sensation of running barefoot, which is scientifically proven to allow athletes to run faster and with fewer injuries.

Research shows that when running barefoot, you naturally land on the forefoot directly below your centre of gravity. This ultimately results in optimum balance, increased stability, and less stress on your muscles and joints.

The Vibram trainers deliver all the health and performance benefits of running barefoot, MBT Casual Shoes Women with greater comfort and an even lesser risk of injury.

Bare foot technology

The specialist shoe manufacturer Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) also takes an innovative approach to sports shoe technology. MBT Sport Shoes UK Although more suitable for walking than running, the fundamental principles of trying to reduce the stress and strain on your feet and leg are the same. Their trainers are also designed to help posture, tone and activate muscles, and also burn more calories.

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